Caitlin Lantier MS, RD, LD, Nutritionist, and Registered Dietitian at SmartBelly Nutrition

Caitlin Lantier MS, RDN, LD


I’m Caitlin, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and owner of SmartBelly Nutrition, LLC.  I started my nutrition practice to help individuals sensibly reach their health related goals.

With a Masters degree in Medical Nutrition Therapy and a Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science and Dietetics, even I can find nutrition and health information in the media to be overwhelming.  As a registered and licensed nutrition expert, it is my duty to deliver evidence based nutrition information to others.  I work with individuals weekly to make small changes that amount to one big change; the betterment of their health.

My passion is to help people reach health related goals without experiencing the stress and burden of a ‘diet’.  No two people are alike, which is why no two people should follow the same diet or approach to eating and health. When you are ready to make a nutrition or health related change, I encourage you to find a professional who can provide you with personalized and evidence based nutrition information so that you can reach and maintain your unique health related goals.

The SmartBelly Nutrition Approach

It’s all about you.  I do not make meal plans and there is not a single food item that I will exclude from your diet.  Yes, even your favorite desserts are “allowed” :-).   In order to be successful with your goals, it is important that you are happy with your plan.  I work to understand your lifestyle, what you like to eat, when you like to eat, how much you like to eat, what you do or do not do for exercise, and what you want to change or think you’d like to change.  From there, I begin to understand your surroundings.

Where do you spend most of your days, and with whom? Where do you usually eat? Who makes your meals? Where do you shop? How about the weekends? Knowing this information, and more, helps me better understand how YOU will be successful, because after all,  it has to work for you, your lifestyle, your wants, and your needs.

My Background

I earned my bachelors degree from Syracuse University in Food Science and Dietetics with a minor in communications. Then, I went on to earn my masters degree and  complete my dietetic internship at The Ohio State University.  I worked as a clinical dietitian at Jewish Hospital in Louisville Kentucky and then moved into nutrition research for the University of Louisville.   After years of field experience, I decided to open my own practice.  In order to help more people, I had to make myself more available to them.  Since starting my practice, I have been able to help more people and partner with more healthcare providers who’s goals align with mine: make it easier for people to stay healthy and reach their own unique health related goals.

When I am not working

When I’m not working with clients or speaking at corporate wellness engagements, you can find me hanging out with my husband, friends, and two big dogs.  I enjoy exercise, but am a firm believer in switching it up and making it fun.  One of my goals is to find a way to move every day, whether it be walking, hiking, running, group exercise, weight training, stretching, or even house chores.  Often, I travel to see friends and family, and love trying out new restaurants.  I like to be creative in the kitchen, but you will never find me making a meal that takes more than 30 minutes.  The day is too short to be stuck in the kitchen for too long.


While your goal may be to improve your relationship with food, my goal is to help you do so while enjoying life and developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.  Please email with questions or a request for more information.

Yours in Health,

Caitlin Lantier MS, RDN, LD