“For anyone wanting to learn lifelong healthy eating nutrition, I highly recommend Caitlin at SmartBelly Nutrition. As a mother of 2 girls in my 40s, I have a goal of raising my daughters with healthy eating habits and healthy body images. I came to see Caitlin at SmartBelly Nutrition because I needed help losing those last stubborn 10 lbs and keeping it off, and I wanted to learn how to eat in a way that would accomplish that goal and still give me enough fuel for my workouts without obsessing about calorie counting and highly restrictive eating. 

I had tried many different strategies in the past, and while they were successful for the short-term, the weight would eventually start creeping up again. Caitlin showed me how to eat SMARTER, not less. I learned how to eat in a way that would keep me from being hungry most of the day which would inevitably lead to overeating, and many times overeating the wrong thing. She was so easy to talk to and I loved how she validated my concerns without lecturing me on some of my bad habits. She never told me to cut anything out of my diet completely; instead we talked about moderation and smarter eating. I went home with some great tools and I am happy to say that those last 10 pounds are slowly melting away, and I haven’t felt deprived or tired.  It’s really a life changer to eat in a way that fills me up and satisfies me so that I am not still hungry and constantly thinking about my next snack or meal.

This new way is now starting to feel like second nature to me and I feel great!  Caitlin has been committed to following up with me and checking in to see how everything is going, which I really appreciate. Thank you Caitlin and SmartBelly Nutrition for your dedication to your clients.”  

– Meredith, 41 year old female